Monday, June 23, 2008

x pecaye!!! (part 1)

last night..
i saw somethings weird..
it's ugly..
i dont know what on earth was that creature..
maybe it was an alien..
the most ugliest thing on earth that i've ever seen..
cant be described how ugly was that alien..(i guess)

it started when i was sleeping alone i my room..
i heard a voice keep caling me.. my name..
i tried to find from where that sound came from..
i opened my room's door and go downstairs(double-storey house)

it was really dark..
i couldnt see anything..
but i dont know why..
in that darkness...
i still didnt feel like..
i wanna open that damn lamp..
*wink* *wondering*

then i kept on walking pass the television..
to the door..
as the sound came from the outside..
i opened it..(door)

what dafffffff!!!!!
really dark..
the voice became louder..
"hey, i know that voice" (i talked to myself)


to be continue..........

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