Thursday, December 10, 2009

semakin hari semakin merudum..

it was since yesterday i was like waiting for the result..
they said it is to be announced by tonite at ten..
then out of the sudden.. i read a lot of posts at fb saying that..
"result da kuar.. blablabla.."
i was like..
"WTF!!! kate kol 10"
then i asked my sister for the lappy becuz at that time she was using it..
i checked..
i didnt have any problem due to the traffic..
and watta shocked to see my result for last sem (FIRST SEM DEGREE) were fuck..
i was quite dissappointed..
when i think it back..
it is just fine with my so called "effort"
ok la..
org laen x lepak macam aku..
esok exam..
malam ni maen fifa sampai lewat malam..
release tension la kate kan..
its ok..
as long as 3.0 and above kan???
the worst subject for this sem was my favourite "literature"
i got b-
i was thinking of getting worst than this..
but thanx to miss moon..
it is good for me..
with my rubbish poem...
"i called it as rubbish.. eventough miss moon never said anything exceot for her comment on the test paper.."
ye la..
mane x nye..
the poem was about a pregnant lady (sylvia Plath)..
and miss moon had even given us the clues..
i wrote about a poor lady becoming rich..
ok la tu kan fik??
as a conclusion..
i've go nothing to complain..
and i satisfied..
and i will work harder for the next sem..
eventhough its gonna be tougher.. thats for suree..


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