Monday, March 10, 2008

10 ways to improve your memory

1)take interest-make an effort
we all remember the things we are interested in forget the one that bore us.this no doubt explains the reason why school boys remember football results effortlessly but struggles with dates from their history lessons!!!!! take an active interest in what u want to remember, and focus on it way to make urself more interested is ask question- the more the better.

2)repeat things
repeat things is the best way to remember things for a short time

3)form a mental picture
another way to make something more memorable is to think about something visual associated with it.form a mental picture, and the stranger the picture the better u'll remember it!!!

4)invent a story
to remember long lists,try inventing a story which includes all the items that u want to experiments,people were asked to remember up to 120 words using this technic and when they were tested afterwards,on average they could remember 90 percent of them.

5)organise your ideas
if we organise what we know in a logical way then when we learn more about that subject we understand that better,and so add to our knowledge more easily.make well-organised sure things are clear in your mind.if not, ask question until you understand..!!!!

6)listen to mozart(classical music)
many expert believe that listening to classical music,especially mozart,helps people to organise their ideas more clearly and so improve their memory.sadly, ROCK MUSIC DOES NOT HAVE THE SAME EFFECT!!!

7)take mental exercise
if you don't wanna loose your memory as you get older,you need to keep you brain fit,just like your body:'use it or loose it' is the experts advice.logic puzzles,crossword,mental arithmetics and sodoku are all good mental aerobics.

8)take physical exercise
physical exercise can increase your heart rate and sends more oxygen to your brain,and that makes youe memory work better.exercise also reduces stress,which is very bad to memory.

9)eat the right things
the old saying that "eating fish makes you brainy" maybe true after all.scientist had discovered that the fats found in fish like tuna,sardines and salmon-as well as olive oil-help to improve your memory.vitamin c and e (found in fruits like oranges,strawberries ang grapes) and vitamin b (found in lean meat and green vegetables) are all good 'brain food' too.

10)drink coffee
caffein may not be too good for you,but like exercise,it increases your heart rate and sends more oxygen to your brain.a cup of coffee realy does help you concentrate when you sit down to study.and if you don't like coffee, DON'T WORRY!!!!expert believe that CHEWING GUM also has the same effect...

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cutting edge for intermidiate (students' book)

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