Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Look at those cute cats and kittens.. i wish i could have all of them and sleep with them every night on ma bed...hahahahaha....

this is ma beloved cat..for u guys info.. now i had to share him..
with ma neighbours as he had became the most popular cat around here..
hate it!!!!

"ko igt ko cute sgt la tu ha????" we're just
like brothers..

the latest generation..sadly..he died few weeks ago..

ngantok ke??? meh abang dodoikan nak???

"awak nye jari kecik la..mane leh lawan jari abang..
jgn cakar plak tau..saket..."

"huaaarrghhh.. menggeliat jap.. lenguh sendi2 badan..."

yg kanan anda: abang janji kite akan hidop same2 sampai bile2
yg kiri anda: ala..sweeeeeet nye abang ni.. I LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!

STARE APE???!!!!! x puas ati ke????? nok goccoh???
aik??? kelate la pulok aku ni...

"sunyi nye aku ni... naseb la.. ade gf.. gf lari.."
"such a lonely day...." (lagu guns and rosses..)

hahahahaha....hmmm.... those are some of the pictures of cats and kittens that i found at yahoo image.. some of them are also my collection.. hehehe.. some motivater said that.. one way of releasing tense or to handle our stress is to play around with animals which has fur on their body especially with the cats.. and i absolutely agree with them coz i think cats sometime can understand humans' feeling and they sometime also give some responds when we talk to them..by using their sound,body language or with their eyes.. try it.. test it... hahaha.. till then...