Tuesday, March 11, 2008

places to visit before you die

1)the grand canyon, usa (natural wonder)

known to natives american as the "mountain lying down", the grand canyon stretches for 443 km where the colorado river cuts through northwest arizona. the canyon is a baby by geological standards-only 5 or six million years old,although the rocks at the bottom are almost 2 bilion years old.it's the incredible colours of these different layers of rock that delight visitors-over 5 million of them every year.surprisingly though, after making the long journey there the average visitor spends only 15 minutes looking at the canyon.even so,visitors should stil be carefull:every year an average of five people fall over the edge.

2)petra,jordan (ancient wonder)

the location for a number of hollywood films,including indiana jones and the last crusade,the city of petra was built in rocky cliffs more than 2000 years ago, and was once an important commercial city,temples, palaces and a huge amphitheatre were all cut out of the cliffs whose amazing colours give the city its rose-red appearance.historians believe that the citizens of petra had to abandon it around 551 ad and this incredible archeological site was forgotten by the west, until a swiss traveller 'rediscovered' it in 1812.

3)venice,italy (romantic city)

what could be more romantic than going down a venetian canal in a gondola???? no wonder venice is the favourite of lovers all over the world.this unique city was located on 118 flat islands, and has over 200 canals and 400 bridges. visit the piazza san marco, one of the most beautiful squares in the world with its 500-year-old buildings, and marvel at the basilica of st mark, and the doge's palace,the home of many venice most famous painting and scluptures.

4)las vegas,usa (modern city)

a surprising choice as your favourite city, las vegas means the 'meadows' in spanish but meadows are probably the only thing u cant find here. even for those who aren't interested in gambling,las vegas is one of the most exciting cities in the world.'the strip', in the centre of town is five km of the most extravagant hotels you will ever see, including replicas of the eiffel tower,the egyptian pyramids, and ancient roman palaces. it uses almost 24 000 km of neon lights!!! famous for its 'quickie' weddings (both elvis presley and richard gere were married here) you can even arrange a 'drive through wedding' and be back in the casinos in an hour.

5)koh samui, thailand (beach)

a tropical paradise located in the warm blue waters to the southeast of thailand.although it is the kingdom's 2nd largest island after phuket, it was unknown to tourists until a few years ago. easy to reach from bangkok, it is covered with coconut trees and brightly coloured flowers and is surrounded by white sandy beaches and turquoise seas. whether you want remote beaches,great shopping,first-class restaurants or exciting night-life, yuo'll find it on koh samui.



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