Thursday, December 31, 2009

they were freakin awesome!!!


i dont know how to start..
it was fews days back on the 26th of december 2009..
the 5 of us went to bonia's sister's wedding ceremony..
we thought that the wedding would have been like normal wedding ceremony..
but then.. it was fucking unbelievable.. tun dr. mahathir was there.. with few others ambassador of few countries like argentina.. what the heck..
the weding was fucking grand.. and we were like wearing just t-shirt and jeans while others wore baju batik.imagine how freak we were..

then.. it was raining heavily..
but still.. we decided to redah je ujan tu.. the 5 of us..
we stopped at ukm.. because i need to put my stuff over there.. (ye la x kan nak g rtw bwk beg baju) on our way there.. u know what.. that was my first experience jatuh moto..
it was damn shocked and i was like pretty traumatise.. it was at the plaza tol sg. besi.. (jalan moto) i saw ku and wakbe was slowing down their motorcycle.. at the same time.. i dont know what happened.. i was like pulling the break kuat2.. ape lg.. tayar terseret laaaa... then i tried to control the situation.. (pian was behind me).. i thought da berjaya mengawal keadaan.. then i looked at pian (kononnye nak ckp "jgn risau aku ok") then out of the sudden.. i realised that my motorcycle was getting really near to the bumper... once again break.. tayar depan moto menjadi pilihan.. ape lg.. this time.. aku rebah ke bumi.. lucky the uncle at the back x langgar.. if not.. i dont know what happened.. after that incident.. we straight away continued our journey to bukit jalil for RTW9...

as we reached there.. satu lg perkare x diingini.. for the fers time i was asked to tanggalkan my belt because of the buckle.. redza told me that the day was my "unlucky day".. ye la.. da la jatuh moto.. kne tanggal belt.. suar x macam besar plak kan?? dengan hujan.. obviously suar jeans tu jd makin berat.. tanggal nnt sape susah??? lucky got redza.. he borrowed me his belt..
then.. we watched perfomances from few local bands.. RTW9 was quite awesome but STILL with few FUCKING bands that i think they were disappointing their fans from the whole around malaysia like MUT.. Bittersweet.. but still.. i cant deny.. i enjoy some of the band.. MOSHING BAGAI NAK GILAAAA!!!!! especially THE TIMES!!!! yeargh!! no wonder la wakber gila fanatic.. the republic of brickfield (ade amy search kot!!!!) pop shuvit.. and few more.. huh letih dowh!!!

eyh.. i also met some budak koleq there.. daud.. jekbe.. gjul.. and javad.. sori javad x dpt tgur.. mase tu nak g cari jekbe..

then the day ended as we went back after watching the dissapointing bittersweet as we can stand anymore waiting for bunkface(last band of the day) tp d best part is.. i went there with my rm10 armani exchange blet but went back to ukm with freaking new armani exchange leather belt. huuhuh.. sori sesape yg empunye.. aku terpakse amek.. seriously..

day 2

the next day.. i woke up early.. earlier than the others.. i watched movies at ku's lappy. then wakbe went back to his uncle's house.. as they woke up we went for our lunch kat mane tah.. then.. the best part of the day was when they were like jd setan.. meke hasut aku bli kasut idaman aku.. yeah.. its the futsal shoes that i've been craving for.. ctr360..

thanx to pian n shatul for lending me some money for the shoes.. later when i got my pt.. i'll pay u guys back.. later on that day.. we went to the mines serdang.. huhuhu.. waiting for wakbe..

we played few games of pool.. aku layak lawan redza je.. hahaha.. tp ok la..walaupon aku kalah beberape kali.. still boleyh bg fight la pd redza.. nice game dude.. then ble wakbe da sampai.. aku igt die x perasan kasut baru.. rupe2 nye die perasan kot.. ceh!!! terpakse la tpu kate kasut tu abg din punye.. even i know he didnt belived me.. ahaha.. we went back to bangi as we finished playing pool and as being planed.. we were about to play futsal with some geology students of ukm.. some of them are indonesians.. we awere unlucky as we reached there (at the futsal court) the whole place were blackout..then we decided to play at kajang sports planet.. u know what.. jalan nak g sane macam nak masok hutan.. seriously.. if i were to go there alone by myself.. aku x kan pergi nye.. cuak dowh...hahaha.. naseb bek.. the court were good.. lembut gle.. sumpah jatuh x saket.. we played for an hour.. they were nice.. seriously they were nice.. eventhough they were like scoring a lot of goals that night but still they were freaking awesome.. we enjoyed the night..


the night before i slept at redza's room.. on his roomate's bed.. then that morning he had his morning class.. i moved to his bed.. suddenly somebody came into the room.. aku pon tersedar la.. rupe2nye.. his roomate.. dengan baek ati aku pon mintak permission.. roomate redza pon kate ok.. thanx bon!! then that petang.. we pranked their friend name aqilah kot.. hahaa.. klaka.. cte nye cni.. few days past was her bday.. so it was ku's plan to prank her.. the plan gone smoothly.. wakbe was the main actor.. acting like her stalker.. aku amek gmba je.. hehehe.. tp klaka la..
ahahahaha...then malam tu lg skali maen futsal... gile puas.. i can see all of them.. redza.. ku..pian..shatul.. wakbe.. have improved a lot.. i can say that we won against the geology that nite.. we performed the best.. and we went back happily.. hahah.. mlam tu.. b4 tdo tgk cte friday the 13th with ku and wakbe.. (tdo bilik ku.. kunci pintu x nak bg rumate die masok) huhuh.. setan nye fik n wakbe!!!

day 4

hari utk aku pulang ke rumah.. i brought them back to seremban.. kononnye ku nak merase makanan negeri sembilan yg pedas2.. i brought them to WADI AL-RHAUDHAH.. tp malang naseb kami..makanan banyak da abes.. luckily still got some dishes and kuah2.. tu pon x pedas.. tp x pe la.. ku dapat makan cekodok sedap.. hahhaahha.. then kina sampai.. kami bg chance la kat shatul nak lepak n kina.. then from seremban.. to senawang.. kononnye nak jamm.. but all the studios were closed.. so while waiting. we played snukers.. once again.. i played redza a game.. we took a long time to finish.. maklumla.. x reti pon.. hahhahaha.. wakbe..pian and ku da abes maen.. kami x abes lg.. haram malu.. hahahha.. after that.. we went to ijan.. hmm.. ok la.. pekene air revive (dahage gile) and roti john.. huhuhu.. it was around 6.. then they went back home... huhuhuhuh...

thank you guys for the wonderfull hospitality sepanjng aku kat ukm.. u guys are great and freaking awesome dude.. thanks a lot.. later aku layan korang plak kat s.alam lepas pt masok.... hahahahhaha...

Saturday, December 12, 2009


just now..
i've downloaded some oldies songs..
requested by my dad..
i downloaded about 10 songs..
sang by few top singers during that era..
when they were at the top of their career..
i can conclude that..
those people were damn jiwang..
thats why our parents were so sweet..
*based on my experience and personal observation*..
all their love songs were damn "menusuk kalbu"..
for example like "lady" originally sang by lionel richie..
klu x silap..
then sang once again by kenny rogers (tauke kenny rogers roaster la)..
there are some more songs 4 eg:
1) "i who have nothing", by tom jones..
2) "truly", by lionel richie..

they were wonderfull, people..
compared to singers nowadays..
i suggest u guys go and watch their videos on youtube....

and one more..
i was attracted to a song that i think is suitable for me to dedicate it to my beloved marheerah marhe..
the songs ware originally sang by lionel richie.. entitled "LADY".. the one dat i watched..
sang by kenny rogers..
pls enjoy the lyrics..
kalau nak tgk video..
below is the link..

(Lionel Richie Jr.)

Lady, I'm your knight in shining armor and I love you
You have made me what I am and I am yours
My love, there's so many ways I want to say I love you
Let me hold you in my arms forever more

You have gone and made me such a fool
I'm so lost in your love
And oh, we belong together
Won't you believe in my song?

Lady, for so many years I thought I'd never find you
You have come into my life and made me whole
Forever let me wake to see you each and every morning
Let me hear you whisper softly in my ear

In my eyes I see no one else but you
There's no other love like our love
And yes, oh yes, I'll always want you near me
I've waited for you for so long

Lady, your love's the only love I need
And beside me is where I want you to be
'Cause, my love, there's somethin' I want you to know
You're the love of my life, you're my lady!

sweet kan??
till then.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

semakin hari semakin merudum..

it was since yesterday i was like waiting for the result..
they said it is to be announced by tonite at ten..
then out of the sudden.. i read a lot of posts at fb saying that..
"result da kuar.. blablabla.."
i was like..
"WTF!!! kate kol 10"
then i asked my sister for the lappy becuz at that time she was using it..
i checked..
i didnt have any problem due to the traffic..
and watta shocked to see my result for last sem (FIRST SEM DEGREE) were fuck..
i was quite dissappointed..
when i think it back..
it is just fine with my so called "effort"
ok la..
org laen x lepak macam aku..
esok exam..
malam ni maen fifa sampai lewat malam..
release tension la kate kan..
its ok..
as long as 3.0 and above kan???
the worst subject for this sem was my favourite "literature"
i got b-
i was thinking of getting worst than this..
but thanx to miss moon..
it is good for me..
with my rubbish poem...
"i called it as rubbish.. eventough miss moon never said anything exceot for her comment on the test paper.."
ye la..
mane x nye..
the poem was about a pregnant lady (sylvia Plath)..
and miss moon had even given us the clues..
i wrote about a poor lady becoming rich..
ok la tu kan fik??
as a conclusion..
i've go nothing to complain..
and i satisfied..
and i will work harder for the next sem..
eventhough its gonna be tougher.. thats for suree..


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

HAri ITu aMAt MemaNASkAn..

ade satu ari..
aku baru blk maen squash kat kompleks sukan..
universiti aku punye la x kan kompleks sukan kat melake ko..
otw nak blik.
dalam pkul 7 lebeyh..
tol2 lepas maghrib..
da lmbt ni..
nak semayang..
pkran aku pon ntah macam mane tah..
melayang je bwk motor..

then sampai kat 1 roundabout..
ttbe je..
ade satu motor hon aku..
bawak awek..
fine la..
silap aku blok jalan die..
nak hon tu agak2 la bro!!!
lu sekor bawak awek..
kalau gua pggil adik beradik gua pukul lu??
culik awek lu???
minum kencing lu nnt..


mase yg same gak..
lepas mamat tu nak langgar aku..
aku bawak la mcm biase..
lokasi same...
roundabout same..
ade due ekor mamat ni.. atas satu moto yg same..
nak langgar aku..
*kali ni bukan salah aku*
lepas tu..
sound2 aku..
ko bayang kan la..
gigi besau terkeluau..
macam mr os..
sound aku cni..
"ape masalah ko??"
ulang 3 kali..

haram jaddah..
silap besar kne ghodok dak ni mlm ni..
aku nak stop..
blakang ade kete laju..
nak amek nombor plat moto die mau cari..
mau repeat..
x sempat..

mmg aritu..

malam tu..
aku x dpt dok diam..
mmg panas..
mmg terigt muke dak gigi besau tu..
aku rase die dak uitm..
n aku mcm penah tgk muke die..

aku nak pesan la pd sume org..
korang kalau bawak moto..
or kereta..
or lori...
teksi ke..
ape2 je la..
selagi krang ade title penggune jalan raye..
same je..
kalau korang berhemah..
mesti x jd pape..
n kalau berlanggar...
2_2 RUGI!!!
silap aribulan..
2-2 MAMPOS!!!
kalau 2-2 MAMPOS senang cte..
ni KALAU CACAT???!!!

kalau sume org masia ni macam dak gigi besau tu..
n kalau sume org kat msia ni macam Sule..
mampos sume..
gado je..
ghodok perot..
langgar je..
"lu minum kencing gua.."

tu la die..
aku cume mampu berpesan..

"manusia yg waras..adalah manusia yg mampu mengawal amarah..walau betape besar skali pon darjat.. pangkat atau kuase..", (seseorang, 2009)


Monday, December 7, 2009

the death if a person called friend..

he was not a good friend of mine..
but we did talk most of the day in the past...

he was not as good as an angel to me..
but i went to his room whenever i felt bored..

he was not a good debator..
but he tried to oppose whatever fact that i gave especially in political issues..

he was not as boring as other people..
but still.. he sometime made me laugh out loud..

he annoyed me a lot of time..
but i cant stop myself from going to his room and said things that can make us having fights.. just for fun..

he was no a pearl..
dat was why i didnt appreciate him to much...

now he's not here..
neither with me..
nor with other friends..
nor with his family..

but he's there with his creator..
ALLAH loves him more than we do..

of course..

god loves him more than we do..

there's no use to cry..
there's no use to cry..

life must go on..

if he's here..
and if he is able to talk to us right now..
i'm sure..
he will say this....

"COME ON.. go and live ur life... my family, friends and other.. there is nothing that i can ask from u except for the AL-FATHAH recitation.. as a sign.. i used to be one of u.. as a sign that i existed in u guy's life.. and as the appreciation to safe me from all the mistakes that i did before"

kawan2 semue..
kite syg die..
aku paham..
kite sume rase yg same..
ini baru kte..
family die??
lg la.

kalau dulu kite x pernah tunjuk kan yg kite hargai die..
x semestinye kite x hargai kan??

x de gune kite bersedih lg..
x de gune kite menangis..
dah tertulis..
itu adalah takdir..
dan takdir itu tak boleh di ubah kerana ianya kuase allah..
marila kite merelakan pemergian dia..
supaya rohnya tenang..
mengadap Allah..
marilah kite maafkan segale kesalahan die pada kite..
halal kan segala makan minum die..
supaya kite..
sebagai kenalan..
mampu mempermudahkan urusan die di sana setakat yg kite mampu..
marilah kawan2 kite sedekah kan alfatihah..
sebagai tanda persahabatan.. pertalian yg kite pernah jalin kan dengan die..
to muiz roslin..
ni je la yg mampu aku lakukan..
sbg tanda persahabatan kite..
walaupun slalu gado..
walaupon slalu selisih..
aku da meredhai pemergian ko..
dan aku harap kawan2 laen pon same..



at last aku dapat gak masok blk blog ni..
b4 this i've forgotten my password.. but i dnt know why suddenly...
blog ni macam memanggil-manggil aku je suruh tulis kat cni..
i miss all bloggers that i used to contact with before..
it is almost a year man..
more than a year aku x tulis mende alah ni..
nmpak gaye nye..
pasni jd blogger blk la..