Saturday, February 6, 2010

started again..

just now jimmy and i went to seksyen 7 for our second jamming session for this week after few years if waiting.. actually we are practicing for an audition which is for a party mainly for the law students but i was invited by jimmy to play for his band.. thanx dude for remembering me.. for me.. it was such a memorable memories.. ye la.. after about 3 years of waiting to jamm again together.. at last i were given this opportunity.. he's freaking awesome.. according to that fella.. he has not been playing drum since we left koleq. but still.. his skills were more a less the same as we jammed when we were in school.. tomorrow will be the audition.. but.. before that we'll be having another jamming session b4 that.. and we've invited the great bonez to join us.. from my personal view.. jimmy's friend is not that good eventhough he has his own guitar.. and that is why.. the idea of calling the great bonez came into my mind although when i think it back.. we are just making bonez's life harder.. huhuhu.. sorry bonez.. but i'm sure.. it'll be a good jamming session tomorrow as we'll be back as a band.. i dont even care the name of the band.. as long as we can play together.. however.. this doesnt mean i'm forgetting the other friends that we've been jamming together.. u guys are freaking awesome.. jamming with u guys for me is like what i've been waiting. the names such as pian.. redza.. asa.. wakbe.. shatul n ku are not being forgotten because frankly speaking they are good in many ways.. even at futsal.. but.. jimmy and bonez were my old band members.. and to have a jamming session with them it like once in a blue moon.. i really hope that later.. we can be here at s.alam together and organise or join any battle of the band.. maybe we can try a lot more new songs that we have never been playing together.. its time for us to discover a lot of new songs outside there.. and deep inside my heart.. the genre that really suit us is truly rock like muse and of we were to play indie song.. we have to choose the song wisely.. i think we can play some songs of albert hammonds jr. of course and maybe we can try songs from the times like khayalan.. huhuh..
i think.. that is all for today.. i have to sleep early.. eventhough tomorrow is the weekend.. but i still have a lot of work to do.. like studying for my monday sociolgy of education test.. audition.. and perhaps if everything is fine.. i really hope to watch chelsea's game against arsenal.. huhuh..

till then,