Wednesday, January 27, 2010

happy bday fikri normi....

well people.. Its nice being 20 eventhough people around u keep on calling u 'tue', 'pakcik'' and many more.. But i still think that being 20 is cool.. This is due to the better level of maturity could be achieved.. Just let me be myself and definitely i wanna enjoy myself to d fullest without doing something that r forbided by islam.. Hehehe.. There are actually a lot of hopes and new goals of me since i'm now have lived for 2 decades.. Fers is.. Definitely wanna be what i wanna be in terms of profession.. Then.. I wnna start thinking as an adult which is more mature than before because starting from now on.. I would have to start making my own decision and not just be too depending on other people.. And last but not least i wanna strengthen my relationship with my family, iera n her family and friends. Thanx for u guys for being patience dealing with perangai eventhough i know i'm not that bad... Hahaha.. As for d conclusion.. Thanx for d wishes and present to family and friend.. And not forgetting my beloved iera.. I love u all people and only god can repay everything that u guys have done to me.. (good things of course)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

new semester.. comes new spirit..

well.. this is my first post for this year.. and also this sem..
it is such a normal thing for people to have their new goals (azam) for the coming year.. hence.. people.. i also do have mine.. usually i'll put high expectation like what i did for last year.. but nothing has achieved the target and i was quite disappointed with myself especially because the top goal that i have set for last year was to get DL for my final during asasi and the final for my first sem degree.. but i did achieved none of them.. watta shame..

so people.. this sem i am not going to put such high hopes for me.. i'm not gonna aim to become one of the DL students.. in fact as for the beginning.. i hope that i can create such a good relationship with lecturers that are gonna teach me for this sem.. and not forgetting fellow classmates and friend.. besides that.. i would also try my best to go to class and not escaping the class as frequent as i used to do last sem.. and since this sem. i'll be selling burgers around this freaking fucking college which i think is cool and i dont care if people say that selling burgers are not cool.. i'll ensure my activities will never ever bother my progress academically.. because i know.. the main reason for me to be here.. and i am joining the club is not only because of the college.. (in fact i would love to stay outside seriously) but i am joining this club is because i think i would be able to adapt the skills that i've learnt and i'll be learning in the world out side there..

orait.. then.. haaaa...
about the ptptn.. none of the classes have started but my pt are decreasing.. u know what.. these are because of the fees that i need to pay.. the ptptn has cut off the money earlier for the yuran pengajian. and the rm1500 that i've used on the early last sem.. in add.. i also have paid for the college fees.. so. i would have no definite reason to enjoy myself.. BUT!!! i am satisfied with my decision of buying something for me that i've been dreaming since i was at my secondary school.. although the thing that i bought is not the definite thing that what i've been dreaming of (in terms of brand and price) but i'm still satisfied.. ye la.. i'm not gonna be a musician later.. so.. i think its the best for me to buy that thing and plus it is cheaper.. as long as i could play and release the tense of mine.. just one more dream that need to be fulfilled.. but i think i am not gonna make it while i'm studying.. why?? because it is an expensive hobby which is to buy a DSLR.. deep inside here.. as i have think it wisely.. i've decided not to buy the thing during my study time.. maybe later i'll buy one but after i've earn my money working.. definitely.. thats what i've promised to myself..

i think these are all for now and i'll be updating this blog from time to time depends on my mood..with that.. i conclude..